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Sub: First time in Bangladesh Solution of Gas, Electricity and Steam with Coal Gasifier, Coal Gas Generator and Coal Base Boiler.

Dear Sir,

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as sale agent of China based Giant companies in Bangladesh to assist your self esteemed company with our technical knowhow of coal based machineries.

Our idea will support you to run your company uninterruptedly with economic benefit.Merginal operational expenses, minimum fuel & manpower cost will automatically make your business more profitable.

If you don’t have Govt.natural Gas connection or Gas pressure problem or running your machineries (Boiler/Generator) with oil, you may consider alternative techniques of our coal based ideas; Such as:

Coal Gasifier:
We are ready for you to install gas station at your premise or suitable area nearby your Industry/Factory, Which is known as Coal Gasifier to produce gas (you can use as alternative of natural gas).Main fuel is coal. It will supply adequate gas as per your requirement with minimum fuel cost ,minimum man power as it is fully automatic ,uninterrupted smooth running with trained operators(we shall train your people free of cost to run it easy & safe). Details will be at your door upon your interest.
Coal Generator:
Same way Coal Generator will be at your industry as per your desired capacity of electricity and requirement to replace your costly/expensive, complex operational oil/diesel generator with cost saving uninterrupted easy operational Coal Generator. BUET test report proven it cost saving.
Coal  Boiler :
Main Fuel of Coal Boiler is Coal. Coal Boilers are very much cost saving and easy to operate. We shall provide you coal boiler as per your requirement (Stem Capacity) .It will save your expenses in all aspects and company will be profitable by uninterrupted running the boiler .we shall furnish you details upon your interest .Our people will be at your door anytime to provide you with our ideas .Please feel free to call us to survey your company and let us find the way to maximize your profit by our coal boiler.
All the above is now our main product at your door to assist your industry profitable with full time service at your call. We save your time and money.

We cordially invite you to our office for additional query you may communicate over phone or email for more details. (www.aeexim.com)

Looking forward to find you as one of our valued vendors.

Thanking you.

(Md.Zahirul Islam)
AE Exim & Technology Ltd.


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